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We are an organization that bases its management in...


Teamwork: We integrate our efforts with the aim of achieving common goals.


Solidarity: We act protecting the integrity of our people contributing to their progress and wellbeing.

Commitment: We assume as own the company challenges.


Honesty: We develop all our activities under clear policies that build trust.


Respect: We appropriate use of natural resources, respecting the environment and the interests of the community.



Flores de la Hacienda is a family owned company 20 years of experience, dedicated to produce fresh cut flowers. We are located in the high plateau, near Bogotá, Colombia.


During this time, our company has achieved significant recognition in the international flower market.This acknowledgment, has positioned us in the flower grower's guild as one of the leading companies.


We produce and commercialize carnations, spray carnations and hypericum. The plantation has 27 hectares of cultivated area, under a hydroponic system. This culture, allows us to have better field plant control, acquiring an extraordinary final product. In order to comply with our diverse international markets, we harvest flowers all year around.


This organization is committed to the progress and integral development of our people and their families; constantly, oriented towards a more sustainable future. Currently, Flores de la Hacienda has 470 people directly employed; without any doubt, this is our most important asset. Proudly, all of them are part of the Hacienda family.


We recruit and train our staff to position them in each key area of the plantation. The result today, is a selected group of qualified ethical and responsible professionals, who manage each process with the highest protocol control.


Flores de la Hacienda is a promoter of new production systems with improved techniques and better inputs. We stand out, as one of the flower producing farms with top efficiency and excellent quality standards. Being very respectful with our environment, each plant is treated with green experience and outmost care; always, in harmony with nature.


The good relationship we have developed with international breeders, has led them to choose Flores de la Hacienda as their experimental farm. Here, we develop trials to determine the viability of their new plants. Once approved, we propagate these materials.


Such close alliance, gives us constant access to innovative varieties, allowing us to obtain at first-hand, a new range of unique colors with long vase life for us to release, in the international markets.


With a high degree of responsibility and honesty in the application of all these formulas. Flores de la Hacienda obtains outstanding final products.


Our company is dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh cut f lowers, which we export to specialized markets around the world committed to the advancement of our clients and the integral development of our staff, we provide a high quality product due to we treat each f lower with experience and care respectful of the environment and community.



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